We are at the forefront of architectural innovation.

Our team of highly equipped individuals handle all the essential components required at every stage of the design process. We comprise of talented architects, interior designers, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialists who work collaboratively to deliver exceptional design solutions.

Our firm is committed to delivering cutting edge solutions that push the boundaries of conventional architectural practice. We leverage the latest technology and design techniques to create exceptional, sustainable, and functional buildings. Our innovative approach to architecture involves constantly pushing the boundaries to develop creative, unique, and future-proof designs that stand the test of time.



Our team understands that the success of a project is determined by critical decisions made before the design process. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support that empowers our clients to make informed decisions based on their unique requirements and goals. We offer a range of pre-design services, including:

  • Conceptual Site Validations
  • Development Order Roadmaps
  • Site Selection Reviews
  • Comparative Site Analysis
  • Existing Building Evaluations
  • Facility Programming and Budgeting


BTA is a specialized architecture firm that prides itself on creating innovative and cutting-edge designs for a diverse range of sectors. Our collaborative approach to architecture, paired with our commitment to meeting client's budget and timeline, has continued to expand our experience and reputation. Our team is dedicated to defining each project's vision and bringing it to life through a technology-assisted design process that ensures results align with project goals and expectations. BTA's portfolio includes a variety of projects, spanning from large-scale commercial buildings to private residences, each of which showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and innovation.

Overall Lobby

Interior Design

Our Interior Design specialists create innovative and high-end spaces that bring comfort and satisfaction to our clients. Our firm excels in a wide range of services to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of all interior spaces. BTA tailors our design ideas to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring that every project has the highest standards of quality and deliver exceptional results.

Sustainable Design

Our team is dedicated to crafting innovative and high-end spaces that satisfy our client’s requirements. Our expertise in the latest "green" building concepts, materials, and technologies enables us to create sustainable designs that are both socially responsible and financially beneficial. We tailor our ideas to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients, delivering optimized solutions that complement their project vision and meet their return on investment (ROI) objectives.