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Senior Living Design Trends That Every Developer Should Pay Attention To

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter senior homes in the North Gulf Coast region. The emerging seniors market is the baby boomer generation, and they are very different from their predecessors who were more conservative in their retirement needs. So, what’s in store as architectural firms and development organizations look to understand the preferences of […] Learn More

Rooftop Developing Trends On The North Gulf Coast

While rooftop amenities in commercial development projects are increasingly in popularity, many developers are researching which direction they should take their properties. There are dozens of possibilities that could end up on the top floor of the finished product, and while all of them may look great, it is important to the well-being of your […] Learn More

Rooftop Amenities Will Take Your Senior Housing Development From Dull To Brilliant

Those of us who have visited a senior facility in the past might jump at the memories of rooms cramped in tight buildings with bare surroundings, and hardly any outdoor space to socialize. Those days are gone. With the ongoing boom in senior housing development, a property must offer more than just an appealing location […] Learn More

Real Estate Developers The Keys To High Performance Design

High-performance architecture is not a trend. Worldwide, we’re seeing a shift from the more traditional schools of architecture to the sleek, sustainable designs that are being implemented in every city. The structures offer greater tenant satisfaction and value to property owners – so what is it exactly about these buildings that sets them apart from […] Learn More

Real Estate Developers The Benefits Of Mixed Use Developing In The Pensacola Region

Mixed-use development projects have been gaining in popularity over the past decade for great reasons. At the heart of the concept is the ability to allow a tenant to choose a location that has the best of both the residential and commercial worlds. Mixed-use can mean that a person can work, shop, live, and play […] Learn More

Real Estate Developers Sustainable Design Has Real Perks

Sustainability is often taken as both a trend and a money pit. At a superficial view investing money in sustainability seems to be the equivalent as syphoning money from the bottom line for no real purpose. While this is partially true from a certain point of view, we believe that incorporating sustainable design actually has […] Learn More

Outside The Box Site Assembly That Quadruples Development Potential

Crystal Towers. Gulf Shores, Alabama Challenge A common reason behind beachfront properties remaining undeveloped in coastal communities is that their size and allowable density are inadequate to support a responsible pro forma. The developable areas of beachfront properties can often be compromised over time by such things as environmental set-asides for identified endangered species habitat […] Learn More

Optimizing A Sites Development Potential Through Price Point Driven Design

The Alexander at Palm Court. Walton County, Florida Challenge The Alexander at Palm Court is a mixed-use building along the prestigious 30-A corridor in Walton County, Florida. This area demands quality, so the challenge faced by the developer was to deliver an affordable product with superior performance characteristics to wood frame construction traditional to the […] Learn More

Obtaining A Developments Desired Brand Through Planning And Design

There is no denying that the process of identifying brand qualities can be a little tedious, but it is crucial for any organization to examine itself and interpret how to improve its function from the information in order to thrive. Market research, both internal and external, is the first step. In exchange for this, a […] Learn More

Mixed Use Development Trends On The North Gulf Coast

If you are planning a development project along the North Gulf Coast, then you may be interested in exploring the options at your disposal to better match your product to its environment. Depending on your exact area, there are a few rising trends in mixed-use amenities that could favor the integration of your project into […] Learn More

Market Hedge Enabling Design To Retain Occupancy And Value

Scenic Terrace Condominiums. Escambia Bay, Florida Challenge Scenic Terrace, was the first upper end, primary home, residential condominium complex constructed in the community in well over a decade, so there was little secondary market research data available upon which to confidently establish optimum unit mix demand. In addition, to market unknown, there were site challenges […] Learn More