Architecture with purpose

Established in 1958, Bullock Tice Associates (BTA) provides architectural and interior design services across the North Gulf Coast region.  With multi-generational experience, BTA holds a reputation for executing designs with dependability and transparency; all while providing architectural solutions that align with clients’ needs and aspirations.

At BTA, we value people and purpose. Our team's in-depth knowledge of various market sectors enables us to offer our clients specialized expertise and valuable insights. By doing so, we can proactively identify and overcome potential challenges, resulting in successful project design and delivery.

Our mission is to enable noteworthy purpose in our work and team members. Our team is dedicated to creating purposeful designs that align with our clients' values and goals. We are committed to delivering exceptional products that not only meet our client’s needs but also bring their vision to reality.

Ever'Man Pensacola
Ever'man Pensacola

Our History

Established in 1958 by Ellis W. Bullock Jr., BTA created a broad practice profile, serving both public and private sector clients throughout the Southeast. In 1994, BTA underwent a significant leadership transition, entering its second generation under the guidance of John P. Tice, Jr. and his partners, Michael C. Richardson and Jon R. Molloy. This new leadership built upon the company's solid foundation, developing a practice that prioritized the organization and delivery of high-performing designs for both processes and products.

BTA’s current practice focuses on delivering designs, with a particular emphasis on governmental, institutional, and commercial marketplaces, to a variety of clients. Our practice has enabled our firm to cultivate an in-depth understanding of clients’ unique needs, challenges, and industries. In 2023, Grace Hebert Curtis Architects (GHC) acquired BTA, joining two legacy firms with extensive experience in the architecture industry. The acquisition has expanded BTA’s reach and services to clients, while continuing to uphold the values of quality design and exceptional customer service.